4 Ways Technology Is Changing Self Storage

When you think about self storage, do you conjure images of waiting at a security gate in the middle of the night for the guard to finish their rounds and let you in? What about heading to the storage facility every month to pay your bill, even though it is located in the next city over? Thankfully, these problems are issues of the past now that technology is changing the way self storage facilities operate. If you haven't used self storage for a few years or if your only experience is through movies and stories, here are some improvements you can expect to see in modern storage facilities.  

Self-Service Kiosks 

Self-checkout has been popular in grocery stores for over a decade and now it is making its way to self storage facilities. These kiosks look similar to an ATM and can be used to rent units, pay bills, allow access to customers after hours as well as complete many other tasks an employee would normally do. For many self storage facilities, the kiosks remain a bit too expensive, but if the minimum wage continues to rise, they may eventually be a cheaper option than employing multiple storage clerks while giving many facilities the option to offer more 24-hour services. 

More Mobile Apps 

Self-service is not limited to kiosks. Mobile apps are becoming popular with many facilities. These apps make it easier for you to find a facility, learn what they have to offer, and figure out how much storage you will need for your things. Once you decide on your facility, you can reserve a unit and make payments online. Some apps will even allow you to open the security gate without waiting for a guard. 

Better Surveillance Options 

More self-service is great for consumers, but does it mean that facilities are less secure? Actually, advancements in technology have improved surveillance so you should worry less about break-ins and theft. 

Motion sensor technology makes it possible for security teams to receive alerts any time there is action within the storage facility, which makes monitoring videos more efficient. This efficiency means more facilities can afford to employ security teams and offer greater protection to their clients. At the same time, digital cameras have improved the video quality of any break-ins, meaning it is much more likely that perpetrators will be caught sooner and not be able to commit multiple break-ins. 

Modern Communication 

Technology has also changed the way self storage facilities interact with their customers. Besides receiving quotes and making payments online, you should also be able to send a quick email to your storage facility if you have any questions or concerns. Conversely, they can quickly email or text you if there is a problem at the facility. 

New laws are even recognizing the importance of technology to modern storage facilities. In many states, laws are being passed to allow storage facilities to publish important communications, such as abandoned unit auctions, online as opposed to in local newspapers. Although newspapers are resisting these changes, it makes sense as fewer people are reading newspapers, and many who do opt for electronic news. This means that more news and information will be readily available in your smart phone or computer. 

Although you can still find many traditional self storage facilities, more are adopting technological advances each year. This means that the days of waiting at the gate and worrying about the safety of your possessions will soon be replaced with secure mobile apps and confidence in your facility's security measures, if they haven't been already. For more information, check out self storage facilities online, such as http://www.getepicstorage.com.