3 Signs You Have A Clutter Problem In Your Home

Clutter issues can generate problems even though it can seem like having extra stuff is no big deal. A lot of Americans prefer to hang onto things, and the fact is proven by the point that there are so many self-storage facilities available pretty much everywhere across the country. There's nothing wrong with keeping things that you want to keep, but it is far more logical to get a storage unit to declutter your home than to keep it all in your living quarters. How do you know you have a clutter problem? Here are a few signs.

You have an entire room dedicated to random stuff. 

When you moved in, maybe you had a guest room, an office, or just a spare room that you planned to do something with eventually. However, now, that spare room has transformed into the "junk room" where everything without a logical place lands indefinitely. If you have one of these rooms in your home, it is a pretty good indication that you have a clutter problem. Renting a storage unit to house all the extra stuff will free up the room so you can make it a functional space.

You have a lot of items in your home with sentimental value. 

You held onto your grandma's dresser because you remember it fondly when you were a child. Every coloring book your child left a mark in is still stacked up somewhere in the house. You even kept the first set of dishes you got at your wedding even though half of them are chipped and broken. An emotional attachment to things is a strong thing, but placing these items in storage is usually more logical than keeping them in the house.

You have a hard time finding things you saved for later. 

You kept those extra broom handles long after the broom was worn thin. You know you saved that pretty pink box because it would be perfect for a Mother's Day gift. You picked up a stack of clearance utensils so you would have them when yours broke down. Saving things for later is typical, and it is a smart thing to do. However, if you frequently save things for later and when later comes you can't find anything you need, it is a good sign you have issues with clutter. Having a designated storage place for all those "save for later" items makes things far easier.