Tips On What To Pack In Different Box Sizes

Unless you pay the moving company to pack for you, you will have to know how to pack your boxes. Specifically, you should pay special attention to the size. One size does not fit all items. If you use a box that is too large or small, you could damage what is inside. Here is more to know about the different size boxes you need and what you should pack in each size.

Small Boxes

Small box sizes vary, but they are usually around 1.5 cubic feet in volume. Many shipping boxes are about this size. So, you can use some of those if you have them. Generally, you pack collections of loose items from your drawers and cabinets. Many people use these boxes for flatware. Other people might use them for DVDs or CDs and miscellaneous small items.

Medium Boxes

You will use medium boxes more than any other box size. Medium boxes are about three cubic feet in volume. Generally, you can put heavier items in this box as long as you don't overpack and the box has a sturdy construction. Examples of what to pack include electronics, computers, books, and small appliances. With dishes, you might want to get a specialized medium box just for those items.

Large Boxes

Large boxes are usually around five cubic feet. They are great for light but awkwardly-shaped items. Try to keep heavier items at a minimum as they could fall out of the box. Examples of what to pack for this size include sheets, blankets, pots and pans, and toys.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes have a hanging bar for clothing that you don't want wrinkled or are too bulky for other boxes. The bar makes the transfer from the closet to the box quick and easy. Since you likely have more clothes than wardrobe boxes, use them for items that need special protection.

Picture Boxes

Picture boxes are excellent for protecting slim items that contain glass. Use these boxes not only for framed artwork but also for your mirrors. Label the boxes to let the movers know that these boxes contain glass. They will likely load them last to keep other items from crushing them. Don't use these for your flat-screen television, though. Use a special box for that item or the box you bought it in if you still have it.

Your local moving company may be able to help you with boxes and supplies. Make sure you develop a packing plan a few months before you move. If you do that, then the move will go smoothly when the moving company arrives. For more information about packing, supplies, and professional packing services, talk to a local moving company.