Do You Need To Be There When Movers Work?

Professional movers help make your big move into something more manageable — no matter how busy you are. But does the presence of movers mean you should or shouldn't still be there when the work is done? Here are some key answers to your questions. 

Do You Need to Be Present?

In general, homeowners or renters should be available to moving professionals throughout the work. This doesn't mean you have to be in the house at all times, of course. So if you need to run errands or handle something outside the house, let them know if you'll be leaving and returning. 

If you can't be available on moving day, arrange for a trusted family member or friend to stand in for you. They should know the general moving plan, have access to the entire property, and be in steady communication with you. 

Do You Need to Be In Person?

Of course, one can be present without necessarily being in the home. Especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, remote options have become much more the norm. So if you can't be in the house, you can work out other ways to communicate if the movers have any questions or concerns. These include phone calls, texting, and especially video-conferencing options that allow both parties to see what's going on. 

How Involved Should You Be?

If you are there in person, what should you do or avoid doing while the movers work? 

The most helpful thing most homeowners can do is try to stay out of the way of professional movers. Well-meaning property owners sometimes try to micromanage the way their stuff is moved. While this is understandable, if you vetted your movers and hired for quality, you can rely on them to do their jobs well. 

Most homeowners can do many other tasks because the pros handle the actual moving and transportation. Think in advance about what you can do on the big day in order to help yourself, get your own work done, and keep to your timeline. This may include packing up last-minute items, managing pets or kids, providing beverages, keeping the house free of debris, running errands, or doing final cleaning. 

Where Should You Start?

Trusting your movers begins with finding the right company to work with. Begin by meeting with moving professionals in your area. When you choose a great service, they will work quickly and efficiently with as little dependence on you as possible. Make an appointment today to learn more. 

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