3 Signs You Have A Clutter Problem In Your Home

Clutter issues can generate problems even though it can seem like having extra stuff is no big deal. A lot of Americans prefer to hang onto things, and the fact is proven by the point that there are so many self-storage facilities available pretty much everywhere across the country. There's nothing wrong with keeping things that you want to keep, but it is far more logical to get a storage unit to declutter your home than to keep it all in your living quarters.

How Professional Piano Movers Move a Piano Carefully

Moving a piano is one job that's best left to professionals, especially if you have an expensive grand piano. Pianos are so large and heavy that it's easy for things to go wrong. Piano moving requires more than skill, the proper equipment is needed too. Here are some steps professional piano movers may take when moving your piano to a new home. Wrap The Piano In Padded Blankets Wrapping the piano keeps the lid shut and protects the instrument from damage.